Manual Lymphatic Drainage

About the Treatment
  • The MLD treatment is delivered slowly as lymphatic fluid travels through the body at a slower rate than the blood circulation (thus the need for longer appointment times).
  • The MLD treatment is very calming and relaxing so is great for stress relief - many clients fall asleep during the treatment!
  • The MLD treatment is performed with very light hand pressure. If the pressure is too heavy the one cell thick lymph tissues get flattened and pushed down allowing no fluid movement at all. It takes about 20 minutes for them to re-establish themselves.
  • The MLD treatment involves firstly stimulating specific lymph nodes in the body then promoting fluid movement into those nodes in a specific direction. If the direction of movement is incorrect, the treatment will be ineffective.
  • With MLD, the correct sequence is particularly important, as it is necessary to clear areas in order to achieve complete fluid evacuation.
  • MLD It is not a muscular massage, but essentially works above the muscle fascia as 70% of the lymphatic fluid is found here.
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About the Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
  • MLD stimulates fluid circulation and elimination, assisting with detoxification.
  • MLD helps to establish resistance to all types of stress that our systems are placed under by stimulating the immune system.
  • MLD encourages the lymphatic system to absorb and transport lymph more effectively.
  • MLD stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system via the relaxation effect, reducing pain by sedating the sensory nerve endings.
About the Lymphatic System
  • The lymphatic system is the frontline in our bodies’ ability to fight disease and infection by localising foreign bodies.
  • Daily stress, fatigue, emotional shock, chemical overloading, infection, pollution, food preservatives and many other things can greatly impair the functioning of healthy tissues and healthy lymphatic pathways. The lymphatic system is involved in detoxifying our body (like our own inbuilt waste disposal unit) transporting toxins, bacteria, excess fluid and metabolic waste out of our bodies.
About the Therapist
  • Gary Bolton 0406 429 959
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist
  • Remedial Massage Therapist
  • Myofascial Cupping Therapist
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